Wearables and IoT are exploding across consumer and industrial markets.
The problem? Power. It’s the number one reason consumers abandon wearables, and the biggest barrier to broader IoT deployment.

MATRIX Industries can help. Our revolutionary nanostructured thermoelectrics produce up to 100x more power than older technology. Thermal energy harvesting delivers power anywhere a temperature differential is available:
on the body, on equipment or within HVAC airflows.

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Now Shipping: Matrix PowerWatch

The Matrix PowerWatch is the world’s first smartwatch that you don’t have to charge. Measure your calories burned, activity level and sleep, all powered by your body heat. The MATRIX PowerWatch uses groundbreaking thermoelectric technology to run exclusively on heat generated from your body, eliminating the need for cables and chargers.

The PowerWatch started volume shipment in Fall 2017. Please visit PowerWatch.com for more information.

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How Matrix Designed the PowerWatch

How do you design a Bluetooth smartwatch that doesn’t need charging? The PowerWatch team realized that previous attempts had failed because they had tried to retrofit thermoelectric components into an existing design. To harvest enough heat, it was necessary to first design the PowerWatch as a thermal energy harvesting system, then add smartwatch features. The result: the first wireless smartwatch powered by body heat.

Read the PowerWatch case study here.

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Meet Matrix at these upcoming events:

2017 November 15-16 Santa Clara:
IDTechEx (Booth 217)

2017 November 15-17 Yokohama:
IoT Technology Exhibition (Analog Devices B-36)

2018 January 9-12, 2018 Las Vegas
CES: Consumer Electronics Show (Venetian Hotel)

2018 June 26-28, San Jose: 
Sensors Expo (Booth 940)

Matrix thermoelectric technology is available now to power your wearable and wireless IoT products. Please contact us at info@matrixindustries.com for more information or to request samples.